Book: For Crying Out Loud!

For Crying Out Loud!‘Pass me my wig and tights, dear, or I’ll be late for work!’

Chester’s Town Crier, David Mitchell, traces the roles of the town crier and bellman from Old Testament times through to the present-day tourism revival.  For Crying Out Loud! is history with a smile. The second part brings the story up-to-date,  focusing on the more entertaining adventures of ‘a particularly handsome modern-day town crier’. Now who could that be?

The book is generously illustrated with 99 photos, drawings and cartoons, many of which were created especially for this publication by Julie Mitchell. So step inside to discover the hitherto untold story of tricorne hats, bucked shoes and men-in-tights. To place your order for the book ‘For Crying Out Loud!’ email David: