Cross Proclamation Feedback

Cross proclamation

cross proclamation

Thank you for posing with us. Your kindness made my stay in England a very pleasant and fruitful one. I shall never forget your kindness shown to us. Sayaka Abe, Japan

You got our two days in Chester off to a wonderful start. Renie Hanns, St. Albans

On Friday July 5th, my brother Pete and his wife Pat who live in Baltimore USA visited Chester with us. A highlight of this visit turned out to be meeting you. Mike Westover, Stroud

You really made our visit when you took us, with our group, on a tour of the City. Many thanks again for making our visit to Chester unforgettable. Nora and Betty Jell, Ashford, Kent

Thank you for adding so much to my short visit to Chester. Robin Fox, California, USA

It was a pleasure meeting you and my husband and I consider it a memorable highlight of our trip to Great Britain. Arlein Chamikles, Florida, USA

My wife and I would like to add our thanks, to the many you must receive, for the splendid way your very able Town Crier made our visit to your lovely City so enjoyable and interesting. Letter to Chief Executive from R.S. Ironside, Polzeath, Cornwall

[The Town Criers] were extremely helpful and went to a great deal of trouble ~ quite simply they made our family’s holiday! J. Mowles

My friends from Belfast were delighted to receive a welcome from the Town Crier last Friday; he is very professional in his presentation. Hazel Lawson, Chester

What a treat! The Town Crier looked wonderful ~ excellently turned out, welcoming and smiling. He quickly won the crowd and could teach many entertainers the art of audience participation without patronisation or vulgarity. The French, German, Dutch and Japanese visitors were delighted to be addressed in their own languages. The camcorder users were given special attention, someone was invited to ring the bell, there was even a simple quiz with Chester postcards as prizes ~ in fact the whole time was excellent. Mrs & Mrs Martin

Just a brief note to say how very much my wife and I enjoyed your “Proclamations” at Chester High Cross today. We thought your rendering was superb and very enjoyable. You must have been good because even the children were attentive. The little gibe about the Americans and the Boston tea Party had me smirking all afternoon. Congratulations on a job well done. Neville & Margaret Pollard, West Kirby

Thank you for a fun time when our Trafalgar tour group came through Chester.  Your personality is as big as your voice!  Jon had a great time as guest crier, and being in the stocks was “fun”, too. Janet and Jon MacDonald

Thanks again for a terrific show!! Kurt and Wilma

Thank you so much for picking me out of the crowd and giving me a great memory for my last day in the UK. Joyce L. Swiokla, Tucson, AZ, USA

I must say you provide wonderful entertainment for visitors who are lucky enough to find themselves at the Chester Cross at 12 noon.  I was in a hurry to get somewhere but I stopped for a few seconds and ended up staying for the whole of your superb theatrical performance which must be second to none by any Town Crier.  It was obvious by the laughter of the huge crowd gathered that they were of the same opinion.  Well done David and long may you continue in this role – you are a great asset to Chester. Jeanne Storrar

Thank you very much for the kindness shown to my granddaughters, Sarah and Emily, last Thursday. They had looked forward to this visit for some time, having been to watch you here some years ago. The time taken by you in talking to them over coffee and at the Cross made their visit to Chester a very memorable one. Again many thanks and best wishes.      David Hancock

Just had to write to you to congratulate you on a wonderful performance at The Cross on Tuesday 3rd July. We just happened to be there when you were due to begin – we rarely visit Chester – we live just across the border in Wales. You ‘targeted’ a family from Aberdeen – I can only say that I’m sure they will remember that afternoon for the rest of their lives!!  The little boy was invited to ring your bell – wonderful. Having a daughter, son in law and 3 grandchildren who seemed of a similar ilk to those from Aberdeen – I know how my family would have enjoyed the interaction with you. We thoroughly enjoyed watching you – splendid!!!!I just had to contact you – we were thrilled to have shared that experience. Pauline

We feel fortunate to have been able to visit Chester on our recent trip to the UK and even more fortunate to have been able to participate in your “show”.  It was one of the highlights of our trip – we really enjoyed watching and listening to you.  Thank you – you are truly an asset to the city of Chester. Trevor & Helen Holmes, Toronto, Canada

I spent two great days in Chester mainly for the Olympic Torch Relay and got a couple of great videos of that on my cheap camera! However, my recording of yourself ‘performing’ was indeed a highlight. I have heard some Criers in my time but never had such fun. I have been watching my recordings on my cheap camera tonight and have been compelled to drop you a note. Thank You, Sir, for a special moment in time. Slainte, Frank the passing cameraman with the Apple iPhone 4s 🙂

We had a wonderful time in Chester but unsurprisingly this was one of the highlights. Dorothy & Roger from darkest Adelaide

Remember me and my wife Fiona from last week? You tried to help me rein in her spending! Thanks for the laughs. It made our day! Sam and Fiona (from Kildare)