One-Man Show Feedback

one-man show feedback
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Dress David Mitchell in a Town Crier’s outfit, give him a handbell and put him under the spotlight on a stage, and he will give you a powerful demonstration of how to have an audience eating out of his hand. Couple that with an undoubted ability to present the foibles of human life in a humorous, intimate and self-deprecating way, and you have an evening of entertainment which is unusual and not to be missed. Brian Carter, Past President of the Association of Speakers Clubs (Review of one-man stage show “For Crying Out Loud!”)

I enjoyed the show enormously … good pace … sufficient variety of the serious and the silly to keep my attention throughout. An affectionate piece that walked the uninitiated from the beginnings of the humble town crier to the modern day role with elegance and élan and a particularly fetching outfit!! Councillor Bob Thompson

It was a real joy to be there … just the tonic we needed. Teresa Davies

Really got our chuckle muscles working, a real feel-good evening. Janet Gwyther

Your show was one of the best I’ve seen – both funny and informative. Thanks for a great night out! Geoff Bath (Mayor of Frodsham)

I felt fully involved and very amused right till the end of the show. Alan Brown

David kept the audience in laughter from start to finish How refreshing to hear good clean jokes. Gordon Emery (Author & Historian)

David’s warm authentic presence and funny tales made for a really lovely evening. Julie McLean

A terrific performance from a town crier who not only knows his stuff but engages the audience with amusing stories and comments about the people he encounters in his day job. Tom Harrison

It was brilliant!! We enjoyed every second, and are looking forward to the next. Harry and Audrey Watson

We thoroughly enjoyed the show… you’re a natural. You should write a book!!! Congratulations! Mark Bevan (Publisher)

My friends and I really enjoyed the evening – your storytelling and comic timing are excellent! We weren’t too sure what to expect but we were thoroughly entertained and loved the quick-witted repartee with the audience. Liz Roberts (Tour Guide)

I have never seen or heard anything like ‘For Crying Out Loud.’  Utterly unique, thoroughly entertaining. David had us in stitches. Phil Nash (Tour Manager)

Like nothin’ I’ve seen before, bring a spare pair of knickers with you! Joy Tyler

A natural storyteller, David Mitchell held a full house spellbound with tales of town criers past and present, amusing stories about his home city and mishaps that really could ‘only happen to a Town Crier’! Everyone enjoyed themselves and I can unreservedly recommend the performance to everyone. Nicholas Fry (Education Officer, Chester Cathedral)

David Mitchell gives a funny, audience-engaging, informative account of a town crier’s roll. If you want a different night out, make sure you go and see ”For Crying Out Loud!” Les Cutts (Halifax Town Crier& Bellman of the Borough of Calderdale)

A thoroughly entertaining and educational evening. There was much to laugh at and much to learn from and I would definitely go again. Andy Avery

David’s show throws light on the history and changing role of the Town Crier – and does this is in a humorous, entertaining and totally comfortable manner. He clearly is a champion Town Crier. Chris Davidson

We really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the humour immensely.  I think everyone had a lovely night out. Gordon and Barbara Smith

Let me congratulate you on a well executed performance. It was a brilliant show which Janice and I both enjoyed. We felt that you were speaking to us directly and for our benefit alone. Having spoken to other members of the audience it was evident that they felt the same way. Laurie Gilbert (Town Crier of Batley & Dewsbury)

A laugh-out-loud show for all ages, a superb evening’s entertainment. John Spencer

As usual, David Mitchell’s wit and wisdom on the subject of Town Crying was a joy, holding the attention of the audience by giving a sound lesson in the art of crying …with laughter – and all this by a man who openly admits to wearing tights! Jayne Mowles

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening from the moment the curtain was raised onto the world of a Town Crier. The stories and anecdotes were hilarious, and the delivery was captivating, making each moment fresh and full of merriment. A good laugh! Brian Squires

Being Welsh and in Chester at sundown, I survived to tell the tale of a wonderfully humorous evening. The laughter was ringing in my ears all the following day. Glyn Holloway